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Nike Dunk Low Doernbecher (Lance Dillon)

We've been loving the Nike's Doernbecher Freestyle project bring backs in recent months, and the tidal wave of teen-designed freshness is still flowing here with the re-release of lymphoblastic leukemia survivor Lance Dillon's Dunk Low. The trippy olive and black design is plastered with funky fontage featuring names of Lance's family along with some inspiring words that helped him get through his battle like 'warrior', 'power' and 'fight'. It looks like the shoe worked too, along with some uber good treatment from the Portland hospital, because Lance is now 24 and healthy and recently graduated from Oregon State University with an anthropology degree. Lance's Nike Dunk Low Doernbecher will hit shelves on August 31 at Nike retail locations and, with all cashola raised going direct to the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation.

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