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Nike Blessed Desus And Mero With PE Air Moneys

Nike Air Money Desus And Mero Pe 2Nike Air Money Desus And Mero Pe 2
Nike Air Money Desus And Mero Pe 3
Nike Air Money Desus And Mero Pe 1

Desus and Mero of Bodega Boys and Viceland fame have been saying this for years, but just to reiterate: the brand is strong! The two have used brolic comedy and problematic hot takes to graduate from sleeping on air mattresses to walking in their own  Air PEs.

Mero took to Instagram to flaunt the Player Exclusive Air Money, declaring the shoe be worn by all of his ‘stand in front of the bodega athletes.’ The versions pictured have what looks like Mero’s graffiti-style ‘Desus’ and ‘Mero’ down the tongues. Another image shows ‘get money’ written on the left shoe, meaning each Bodega Boy's pair is unique. Details as to how the two managed to hustle a PE from Nike are unclear, but you can bet we’ll hear all about it in the next podcast.

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