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Nike Are Serving Up More Waffles – BYO Syrup

Nike Waffle Racer Gym Red 2Nike Waffle Racer Gym Red 2
Nike Waffle Racer Gym Red 1
Nike Waffle Racer Gym Red 3

Imagine waking up to a pair of strawberry each morning, beams of sunshine catching the gently curled steam as it haloes their… hang on, that doesn’t sound right. Sorry – these are foot waffles, which sounds far less appetising but we assure you, they'll look tasty on-foot.

The artificially red-flavoured shoe has been made from a classic formula found right near the front archival recipe book. It’s clean, minimal construction allows you to focus on the important things such as generously foamed rubber that cushions the foot and the traditionally textured sole that ensures a supple ground-feel for the most delicate footwork.

The Nike Waffle Racer ‘Gym Red’ hasn’t been given a release date just yet, we’ll keep you posted.

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