Nike Hyperadapt 2 0 1
Nike Hyperadapt 2 0 1
Nike Hyperadapt 2 0 1

A New Self-Lacing HyperAdapt Is Coming

Nike have just shared their EOFY report along with a few surprising announcements: a retail partnership earned Phil Knight 1.9 billion USDVaporMax releases have been scaled up ‘to millions of pairs’, a ‘Flyknit Bra’ has been teased, and ‘never-before-seen technology in NBA apparel’ is promised. Oh and Nike's HyperAdapt 2.0 is coming.

No imagery has appeared yet (the above pic is the 1.0) but the new and improved self-lacing sneaker is said to provide ‘new forms in adaptive technology.' When Tiffany Beers came through Sneaker Freaker HQ, one topic discussed was increasing HyperAdapt production to knock a chunk off that $750 USD price tag. It looks like Nike have succeeded in doing so, because, in the Q417 transcript, Mark Parker also let on that the new sneakers will come at ‘more accessible price points.’

We’ll just have to wait until official release info for the Nike HyperAdapt 2.0 to see what 'accessible' means.

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