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Nike Are Giving You A Chance To Win A Sneaker That Money Can't Buy

Win Nikes Vaporfly Elite 4 FeatureWin Nikes Vaporfly Elite 4 Feature
Win Nikes Vaporfly Elite 4 2
Win Nikes Vaporfly Elite 4 1

 are giving you the chance to win a sneaker that money can’t buy – but you’ll have to hit the pavement to be in the running. The shoe in question is the , the technological marvel at the centre of a  that's determined to break the two-hour marathon time.

Eliud Kipchoge raced in Monza, Italy while wearing the VaporFly Elite and managed to smash the world record by more than two-and-a-half minutes – but still fell just short of the ultimate goal with a final time of two hours and 25 seconds.

While you might not be aiming to break physiological barriers previously thought humanly impossible, the VaporFly Elite will definitely put some pep in your step. If you want a shot at winning a pair, Nike would like you to go for a run with them. They’re doing a global 5k on May 14 and 17, if you sign up to their Nike+ Run Club app and go the distance with them, you’ll be in the draw. Head here for further details.

If you don’t end up winning, all isn’t lost. You can still get either of the other runners on June 8.

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