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Nike Aptare Essential (Wolf Grey/Volt)

If you count the time you spend tying your shoelaces each day and then multiply that over the course of your life – the result is staggering. Think about all the things you could have achieved in that time – maybe you’d have trained for a marathon, written your memoirs, learned to cook the perfect steak or danced in the summer rain until your lover collapsed into your arms, glowing in spite of the downpour, gasping for air from convulsions of laughter. Not to over-romanticise a sneaker or anything, but Nike’s Aptare Essential might just be the shoe that can make all of those dreams come true, just by doing away with those pesky shoe-strings. Instead, they utilise a rubber and toggle system and a slick bootie style upper. The combination of ‘Wolf Grey’ and ‘Volt’ covers all bases with a no-nonsense base and vibrant accents.

The Nike Aptare Essential ‘Wolf Grey/Volt’ is available now from select sneaker sellers, including Mate.

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