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Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Ultra

Nike Spiridon Ultra 5Nike Spiridon Ultra 5
Nike Spiridon Ultra 10
Nike Spiridon Ultra 9
Nike Spiridon Ultra 8
Nike Spiridon Ultra 7
Nike Spiridon Ultra 6
Nike Spiridon Ultra 4
Nike Spiridon Ultra 3
Nike Spiridon Ultra 2
Nike Spiridon Ultra 1
Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra Thumb
Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra 6
Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra 5
Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra 4
Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra 3
Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra 2
Nike Zoom Spiridon Ultra 1

UPDATE: It may have taken 6 months, but the Ultra has finally hit stores. The runner recaptured the hearts of retro Nike fans when it graced shelves again last year, and now has been jerked into the future with Nike's super light Ultra sole. All the hallmarks of a classic runner – the wavy midsole, 90s palette and thick mesh – are all still in play, but now you can expect wearing them religiously to take less of a toll on your feet. In what seems to be an early release,  History of New York have made the shoe available in store only. However, if you can't get along to the store, the SNKRS page of Nike online will be stocking the shoe from January 27.

recent retro of the Air Zoom got tongues wagging and wallets popping, now the Spiridon gets a truly modern makeover with its first Ultra interpretation. The new version looks similar from a distance but when you get up close you’ll notice the wavy panels have been ripped off and replaced with some new-world fused sections. The midsole has been moulded from a new lightweight foam, adding extra comfort as well as reducing the overall weight to a fraction of the original.

The Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Ultra doesn’t have an official release date yet, watch this space and we’ll let you know.

– Originally published on August 31, 2016

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