Nike Air Rift DX5422-001
Nike Air Rift DX5422-001
Nike Air Rift DX5422-001
,Nike Air Rift DX5422-001

This Nike Air Rift Triggers Trypophobia

The Nike Air Rift is weird AF, and that’s precisely why people love it with cult-like fervour. Its underground following developed after the limelight continually missed the model – at least in mainstream eyes – pushing those with extreme tastes to the outer fringes of fashion society. The imminent arrival of this very dotty and spotty colourway might further divide those who dare to wear the Rift.

The interesting history of the Air Rift has been covered in great detail here, but the following is the crib notes version. The model is named after the Great Rift Valley located in Kenya, and it was an early success by the Swoosh at replicating barefoot running. This was achieved by way of its unique split-toe design, something inspired by Japanese tabi shoes, a traditional design that separated the big toe to allow greater control and stability. Nike took this concept and added a bit more Air cushioning and added a midfoot strap in lieu of laces.

The crazy new colourway has got big, bold black dots repeating all over the otherwise white upper, which is sure to trigger those in the sneaker community with trypophobia. There are also some splashes of orange that don’t really draw much attention away from the spotty display. These Rifts are available from Nike and select retailers.

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