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Nike Air Presto Greedy
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Nike Air Presto Greedy1
,Nike Air Presto Greedy Thumb
Nike Air Presto Greedy Small
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Nike Air Presto Greedy A

Nike Air Presto (Greedy)

UPDATE: We've just got some official up close and personal shots of the Nike Air Presto 'Greedy'. Peep the images in the gallery above and marvel at the finer details of the masterful mash-up – it shouldn't really work, but somehow it does. Those with a hunger for the polychromatic Prestos are in luck, they drop on October 29 via

UPDATE: There's been some confusion as to the exact release schedule for the Nike Air Presto 'Greedy'. After having launched it in Japan a the beginning of October Nike have now confirmed a global release on October 29, which gives you plenty of time to figure what the heck you could wear them with.

The Nike Air Presto ‘Greedy’ colourway almost falls into the Swoosh’s ‘What The’ oeuvre with its non-symmetrical mish-mash makeup. With a combo that can be compared to a visual representation of free form jazz (indulge me here), the hugely popular Presto throws caution to the wind and allows its assorted components to do their own thing. The sneaker's neoprene panels and wildly sculpted cage are made up in a myriad of hues including blue, silver, gold, purple and orange. With a combo similar (but notably nuttier) to the Air Max 95 ‘Greedy’ release, this polychromatic Presto is sure to appeal to the sartorially courageous sneakerhead.

The Nike Air Presto 'Greedy' is said to release on October 1 via select ,Nike stockists. Stay tuned.

– Originally published September 30, 2016.

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