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Nike Air Pegasus Racer Rattan Tawny 3
Nike Air Pegasus Racer Rattan Tawny 2
Nike Air Pegasus Racer Rattan Tawny 1

Nike Air Pegasus Racer (Rattan/Tawny)

Every now and then a sleeper GR infiltrates our defences and slips through the web unnoticed, how on earth we missed this clean AF edition of the Air Pegasus Racer is beyond us, but shit are we glad we got our eyes on them now. The plain-jane, majority Rattan upper plays the perfect host for the earthy application of Tawny in the heel and inner lining, with an extra chock of Tawny through the midsole and outsole for good measure. On top of that, it's quite remarkable how similar this looks to an AM180 without the bubble play underneath, which sits extremely well with us, coz, if you didn't know, the AM180 is one of the most slept-on heaters of all the bubble'd family. We've already got a pair of these inbound and we strongly suggest you do the same. Ashpahlt Gold right now for the connect, boppers.

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