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Nike Drops Pete Sampras Air Oscillate 4
Nike Drops Pete Sampras Air Oscillate
Nike Drops Pete Sampras Air Oscillate 2
Nike Drops Pete Sampras Air Oscillate 3
Nike Air Oscillate7
Nike Air Oscillate6
Nike Air Oscillate5
Nike Air Oscillate4
Nike Air Oscillate3
Nike Air Oscillate2
Nike Air Oscillate

Nike Air Oscillate

Andre Agassi may be remembered as tennis's greatest sneaker icon during the '90s, but he will always be known as runner-up in the sport's greatest rivalry. Pete Sampras proved himself as king of the court with an unbreakable 6 year reign at the top spot from 1993-1998 – a status that meant a signature shoe was only natural. The antithesis to Agassi's mullet-endowed flamboyance, ol' Pistol Pete opted to stay true to tradition and stick to a squeaky clean wardrobe – a style that transcended onto his Nike signature, the Air Oscillate. It may lack the in-your-face steaze of Agassi's Tech Challenge range, but the shoe was not without its fans, who are no doubt stoked to learn that the Oscillate has finally been retroed. We can't comment as to whether these are to the same performance level of the original – we don't want you to bust an ankle! – but they definitely look the biz. Look for these now at Nike accounts, but act fast if you're keen though – we don't think this is a model that will be getting retroed again any time soon!

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