Nike Air Odyssey Bee Sting 5
Nike Air Odyssey Bee Sting 4
Nike Air Odyssey Bee Sting 3
Nike Air Odyssey Bee Sting 2
Nike Air Odyssey Bee Sting 1

Nike Air Odyssey (Bee Sting)

Yep, it's true, we post a lot of Nike. But why? Well, there are a million reasons, but the main one is that they come correct – not once a season, not monthly, not weekly, not even daily, Nike pump out a new jam every second. It's incredible. They don't kick up a big fuss about even a hundredth of their drops either, and the Nike Air Odyssey 2014 retro releases are a prime example. If it weren't for retailers uploading flicks of these we wouldn't have even known that they'd been re-released. The 1987 AM1-esque model is downright dope, something to scream and shout about, best believe each and every colourway we find we're gonna post. I'm giving this one five stars. – Size?. #FTH

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