Air Mission Dp
Air Mission Detail1
Air Mission Blkwhtred Sole
Air Mission Blkwhtred Sideview
Air Mission Blkwhtred Perspective
Air Mission Blkwhtred Heel
Air Mission Blkwhtblu Sole
Air Mission Blkwhtblu Sideview
Air Mission Blkwhtblu Perspective
Air Mission Blkwhtblu Heel
Air Mission Blkblkblu Sole
Air Mission Blkblkblu Sideview
Air Mission Blkblkblu Perspective
Air Mission Blkblkblu Heel
Air Mission Sideview
Air Mission Detail
Air Mission Detail Strap
Air Mission Detail Heel

Nike Air Mission Retro (2014 Pack)

The big game is just around the corner, so Nike are ready to give their turf trainer range one last hurrah before the off-season. They're ending with a bang too, opting to bring back one of their loudest '90s efforts, the Air Mission, in three colourways, Included in the release is the OG blue/black/white rendition, as well as staunch black and white and blazing red/black/white numbers, all with nubuck and leather uppers and deep ridged rubber outsoles. Kinetics Tokyo and Wish are supplying this flyness right now if you want a piece, other retailers will score it this Saturday, February 1.

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