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Nike Air Max Plus (Persian)

Nike Am Plus Persian ThumbNike Am Plus Persian Thumb
Nike Am Plus Persian 3
Nike Am Plus Persian 2
Nike Am Plus Persian 1

Ooft lads – anyone caught wind of these gems currently sitting on the shelves of Foot Locker AU? Without a doubt in our mind, every vandal and his dog has stomped the yards in a pair of  at least once in their street-career, so it is only a natural progression that such a generation defining colourway as the 'Persian' receives some much deserved love on another rap-spraying classic. Flipped perfectly for those warmer months, Nike has gone to town with the NY Fat caps adding a tight black fade atop the coke-white upper, making up the fill with more white and leaving the 'Persian' purple to make the whole thing like aerosol to steel. Secretly, we waited a day or two after release to post these so we could hit our local and get ourselves strapped first, but don't be angry, if you don't know, now you know! Grab your bumbag, a stack and make sure you avoid the seccies (read: Ticket Inspectors) on your way to Foot Locker AU – the double-cop is a must!

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