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Nike Air Max Plus (Paradise)

Between Europe and Australia, Foot Locker have got the TN yards on complete lockdown. Anything Tuned-related goes through them, and falling within one of those aforementioned continents makes us some very happy Tuned lads – #sorrynotsorry, our American readers. So not only are the animals more dangerous Down Under, our surf better, our babes babier (that may not be a word but we're gonna run with it) but we also get treated to an enormous variety of TNs – what a country! Safe to say, if you're a real TN-head you probably stopped reading this a couple of sentences back and are already on your way to your local, for those still reading, you have much to learn about the ways of the rap spray, adlay! Check these now at both Euro and Aussie FL stores. Go get 'em!

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