Nike Air Max Pillar Grey Purple Thumb
Nike Air Max Pillar Grey Purple1
Nike Air Max Pillar Grey Purple
Nike Air Max Pillar Grey Purple 1

Nike Air Max Pillar (Grey/Purple)

The TL-infused (Total Air) Nike Air Max Pillar popped up on shelves again a couple of years ago, but never really seemed to make any kinda heavy impact. The late-90s Charles Woodson training model is straight in ya face, that's what we dig about it so much. Here in OZ, NFL isn't exactly the most widely-played sport, but when these joints hit the shelves down here it stood out like sausage in a punch bowl. Unfortunately this time around they didn't make it to Australian shores, but we've been watching from afar as different colours come and go and the price drop drop drop. Wanna snatch a bargain? You can score these along with a swag of other sweet sneaks at a discounted price over at Jimmy Jazz. Hey Jimmy, feel free to send a pair in US10 this way.

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