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Nike Air Max 95 (South Beach)

UPDATE: Check it Air-heads, these are available now from select Foot Locker stores Down Under. Hop to it!

Can you say, consolation prize? Seven years really is not such a long time – sure I probably forgot what I had for breakfast on Air Max Day, or what the price of petrol was in 2008, but one simply does not forget a pretty pair such as this! Thanks to an obvious colour palette and a cheeky tongue inscription referencing the television show, these were appropriately named the 'Miami Vice' AM95s when they released in 2008. Jump forward to present day and Nike has laced up the AM95 in a similiar 'retro' to the '08 edition, but not exactly. There have been some obvious changes, which can be seen in the gallery above of the 2015 versus the image below of the 'Miami Vice' from 2008 – judge for yourself. We're not even upset about the above pair, frankly, the combination of greens in the outsole is terrific and the contrasting bubble is really working in the 2015's favour, but the bigger question still stands: is seven years too soon to plagiarise your own work? Release details to come. Images via Dilok.

(Nike Air Max 95 'Miami' 2008 – Image via Flight Club)

Originally published July 21st, 2015

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