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Nike Air Max 95 (Cave Purple)

For heads that have been paying attention, you might have clued on by now that 2015 will mark the 20th anniversary of the cherished Air Max 95. We won't go into too much detail about that just yet, but we will outline a few things for you so you can keep educated and on-top of the game when the flood gates open. First things first, we noticed with the return of the ,Air Max 93 in recent times that while it was more or less spot on to its original, there were some slight changes that, to some, were a make or break for the shoe. The most noticeable differences were the re-shaping of the toebox, which created a narrow 'cliff-toe' shape, and more noticeably the decrease in size and shape of the fable 93 bubble. To discerning bubble purists, the same bubbled scenario will be evident with the newly updated line of AM95s. Most evident in the heel structure, one will notice a more sharper heel on the updated silhouette and a less dramatic bubble size and density. But is it all so bad? Sure enough the Air Max aficionados will have something to say about any retro no make how big or small the changes are. The good news from all this is not only the addition of some breathtaking new colour combos like the new Cave Purple above, but the roll-out of some long forgotten gems and a string of all our favourite 95s. 2015 will be an interesting time for footwear, so we suggest you stay glued to SNKR FRKR to keep inside the loop of all the happenings. But in the mean time if your a 95 head, hit up Packer Shoes to score a pair of these beauties.

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