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Nike Am1 Vintage Royal Bump Ndc 3
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Nike Am1 Royal 2015 1
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Nike Am1 Royal 2015 3

Nike Air Max 1 (Vintage Royal)

UPDATE: Official images are in from the source, giving us a full range of views of these gems. Once you have given the flicks the once over, make haste to to cop before they are all gone, and trust, they will sell fast!

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: this is not an OG. But with the way releases are going as of late this is as close as we're probably going to get to the fabled, game-changing Air Max 1 'Royal'. Constructed from a palette of soft suede, mesh and leather; Nike has gone and done that thing where they use hues of off-white and yellow to give a sense of age, but, on the real, it's kind of corny. So close, but not really. Honestly, we never did fully understand the whole pre-yellowed 'Retro' thing – take notes, Nike, you cannot fake character and age, hence why dudes like us who have been doing it for a while prefer to buy legit vintage sneakers. Yeah. we know that shit will most likely crumble or explode. We know at any step that super rare, twenty-plus year-old shoe could become nothing more than some rags of material and a pile of dust. But when a full day goes by and those aforementioned incidents don't happen, that's why we do it, a true testament to the strength of passion, devotion, care and truly timeless design. Please, from the bottom of our hearts, stop poorly trying to make shoes look like the year they came out and just actually manufacture shoes one-for-one to the OGs – attitude, style, shape and all.

For all the punters playing from behind their sneaker screen, these are available now from Atmos.

- Originally published on September 24, 2015.

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