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Nike Air Max 1 Sherpa

Nike Air Max 1 (Sherpa)

The Air Max 1 is an icon. A treasured artefact from an era of Air eons ago, the OG AM has continued to sit atop of the pile as one of the most popular Swoosh silhouettes ever. The sneaker’s longevity is due in part to both its good looks and its chameleon like ability to lend its well-proportioned panels to numerous treatments and colourways. The Air Max 1 can be street or elite, and this ‘Sherpa’ iteration raises a glass to the latter with a deluxe suede make up. The pack includes two colourways, a tan version and an Nike classic combo of red and black. Each part is made from premium suede with heat-retaining sherpa lining adding a soft tactile element. Adding a finishing flourish, the toe box is adorned with thick stitching comparable to a moc-toe.

No word on a Nike Air Max 1 'Sherpa' release as yet. Stay tuned and we'll let you know when they're on NDC.

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