Nike Air Max 1 Premium Grey Red
Nike Air Max 1 Premium Grey Red 3
Nike Air Max 1 Premium Grey Red 2
Nike Air Max 1 Premium Grey Red 1

Nike Air Max 1 Premium (Grey/Red)

It's kind of tough closing the door on 2013, this Max momentum that has spawned from the belated 25th anniversary of Nike Air Max 1 has fuelled us with enough gas to keep a bunsen burner cooking for an eternity. We reviled in it with our Air Max retrospective in issue 28, but that aside we've seen a serious flat milly AM releases this year. Remember the mid to late 90s when AM started really getting buck tech future millennium bug wild? Remember it deflating in the early 2000s and then retros suddenly popping up in 02 and 03? Remember finally being able to cop Infrareds 'cause you had your own cash rolling? Not all that long ago it was tough to get an AM fix, this year has been a smorgasbord and we still haven't had our fill! These grey/red Suede Am1s are living proof, we just wanna chomp 'em straight down. Check the flavour in the gallery above and peep more Max monuments in Sneaker Freaker issue 29.

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