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Nike Air Max 1 Mid Fb (Monocamo)

Nike Air Max 1 Mid Fb Thumb
Air Max 1 Mid Camo
Air Max 1 Mid Camo 2
Air Max 1 Mid Camo 3
Air Max 1 Mid Camo 4
Air Max 1 Mid Camo 5
Air Max 1 Mid Camo 6
Nike Air Max 1 Mid Fb

UPDATE: This joint is out now at Politics.

It's been a while since we last saw an edition of the  pop up, but with the winter months about to set in, Nike takes the opportunity to add a new member to the family. The FB range re-envisions Nike Football boot colours and textiles into lifestyle shoes, usually it's pretty easy to spot the original inspiration, the from earlier in the year were glaringly in-your-face obvious but this time around we've been left scratching our heads. It's an all monochrome situation, with black being the dominant tone, a healthy slab of grey on grey paneling takes care of the lower half of the shoe, but the newest revelation here is the SneakerBoot-esque mid-cut. These things look like they're ready to jump out of the trenches and straight murder fools – if yanawamean. Find them now at Tokyo's atmos and stick with us for wider release details.

- Originally posted September 2nd, 2014

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