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Nike Air Huarache (Navy)

Nike Air Huarache Navy 3Nike Air Huarache Navy 3
Nike Air Huarache Navy 5
Nike Air Huarache Navy 4
Nike Air Huarache Navy 2
Nike Air Huarache Navy 1

They should probably just rename the the 'Air Chameleon'. A shoe of a thousand different colourings, it's pretty hard to come across a pair of Huas that can't be rocked. From basic monotones to fruitful, fancy fillings, these things always look good. This rendition that just landed at Sneaker Politics comes set in a workable palette of navy, white and sea-blue and should pretty much work for any situation, whether you're going high-end or keepin' it low-key. Check the views above and hit up SP if you wanna cop.

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