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Nike Air Huarache Flight Low Ostrich Feature
Nike Air Huarache Low Ostrich Feather 1
Nike Air Huarache Low Ostrich Feather 2

Nike Air Flight Huarache Low (Ostrich)

The Nike Air Flight Huarache Hi has been getting some consistent love lately. An extended restock by some large retailers has brought the shoe back into the public eye and strong colourways have made the shoe approachable to the general public. The re-worked Air Flight Huarache Low has been comparatively quiet since it piped up late last year, but hopefully offerings like this foreshadow a broader release. This premium 'Ostrich' edition obviously gets it's name from the ostrich dimpling found all over the leather structural supports on the upper, and the rest of the shoe is blanked out in loud white which, overall, kind of makes the shoe look like a sportier AF1.

No word of a release date just yet, but you know we'll be linking you with the details when they come.

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