Nike Air Huarache Free Dp
Nike Air Huarache Free 1

Nike Air Huarache Hybrid

Looking like a stripped back Air Huarache, chopped with an Air Flow toe, sitting pretty on an almost free sole, with ropes for laces?! Yep, we are slightly confused, but this possible future release from Nike is sure to grab the attention of many. Sporting the ultra OG scream green colour scheme, it may bring about some positive feedback and of course, some not so positive feedback from those loyal to the Huarache game. Could this be some handy P-shop tom-foolery or is Nike about the flip the friggin-script on the Hua game? With nothing more than this hazy image to go by, we can't give you a definitive answer, but rest assure our curiosity is at an all time high. Keep your peripherals on SF as we get to the bottom of this one.
Images via EUKicks.

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