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Nike Af1 Low Whitegum
Nike Af1 Low Whitegum5
Nike Af1 Low Whitegum4
Nike Af1 Low Whitegum3
Nike Af1 Low Whitegum1
Nike Af1 White Gum 6
Nike Af1 White Gum 5
Nike Af1 White Gum 4
Nike Af1 White Gum 3
Nike Af1 White Gum 2
Nike Af1 White Gum 1

Nike Air Force 1 (White/Gum)

UPDATE: It's does not get much more classic than this folks – catch yourself a set right now from Rock City Kicks.

What is it about white uppers and gum soles that just look so goddamn appealing? Like, seriously, it could be the most butt-ugly $10 discount shop shoe and that shit would still look cleaner than your mother's Sunday best. Luckily for all us fashionably conscious heads, this is not some discount store bullcrap but an Air Force 1, and a damn clean one at that. More good fortune comes in the fact that these are still a few days off dropping, so if you have been disgracing your feet with that aforementioned discount store garbage, you've got a couple of days to save your pennies for something with a little more flare.

- Originally published on September 30, 2015.

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