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Nike Air Force 1 Elite (All Star 2015)

Nike Af1 As Bumper ThumbNike Af1 As Bumper Thumb
Nike Af1 As Bumper 2
Nike Af1 As Bumper 1
Nike Air Force 1 Elite All Star 2015 5
Nike Air Force 1 Elite All Star 2015 4
Nike Air Force 1 Elite All Star 2015 3
Nike Air Force 1 Elite All Star 2015 2
Nike Air Force 1 Elite All Star 2015 1

UPDATE: So fresh and so clean – these things just keep getting better and better. Check them also hitting stockists including Wish ATL.

Cool down patriotic-punters, Independence Day is still a while off – we still haven't made it to All-Star Weekend yet. These right here are making us want to get their that much quicker though! Born and bred on the streets of New York, the and the Big Apple have a very long and lustful relationship, even more so with the sport of basketball thrown into the mix. These will be dropping for All-Star Weekend and to make them even more special, this edition features an AF1 first – the first AF1 ever to feature a secondary window. Featured in the newly tooled outsole, the secondary window exposes an alternate view of its seminal cushioning technology. Additionally, that pristine star-spangled upper tells a fitting tale too, created in transition from the City-specific five-point star at the toe, to the four-point star at the quarter an finally finishing it all off with the single-point diamond star at the heel. Dropping this February 11 alongside the 'Nike Sportswear Constellation Collection'.

- Originally published February 11, 2015.

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