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Nike Air Flight Squad Copper Thumb
Nike Air Flight Squad Copper 1
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Nike Air Flight Squad (Copper)

'The Flight Squad: The best of an era for a select few' – Are we the only ones that feel slightly irked by the inscription on that swing-tag? What are you trying to say, Nike? The 'Air Flight Squad' is more or less a new-age rip of the Flight 89, minus some of the bells and whistles here and there – but more or less the same and vibe. So in the sense of 'Don't fix it unless it's broke', this one leaves a lot to be desired. Nike, the Flight 89 is an icon, why you gotta play with our emotions like this? Surely our younger readers will think this rambling writer is simply some jaded old fool – which may be partially correct – but these are far from hard, fam. Don't let me stop you, though, if you're digging these, power to you – acquire them right now at Kith NYC.

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