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Nike Air Entertrainer

UPDATE: These have shown up on general release at Nike retailers, including Renarts.

'What are thoooooooooose!???' shouted our resident Lace Technician when walking past my computer. "Fake Yeezys?!" Nike just be playing now. Proud owners of all Nike Air Yeezy 1 and 2 intellectual property, Nike have enjoyed flipping up the super-hyped design from a couple of years back in a few new iterations, and this fresh 'Nike Air Entertrainer' definitely borrows some of the Ye DNA. With an Air Tech Challenge-ish midsole like the Yeezy 2, and a ridged heel redolent of Kanye's wrinkly neck (and the Yeezy 2 heel), the connection cannot be denied. And is Nike having a laugh with the name, the 'Entertrainer'? What's Kanye West's job title again? Entertainer? Oh, wait, no, it's 'God'. Our bad. We'll bring you wider drop date info when we've got it (if it ever arrives), but these are now available on auction at Klekt.

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