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New Yeezys Might Be Closer Than You Thought


With Yeezy drops, the line between stone cold fact and wishful thinking is often as blurred as the leaked images themselves. However some sources have proven to be more reliable than others, and one of them is purporting we’ll be getting new Yeezys a lot sooner than we thought.

Twitter account, Yeezy Mafia, recently tweeted a declaration that the ‘Black/White’ Yeezy Boost 350 V2 would be releasing on November 5 – which is almost three weeks before the Black Friday drop. And, given that the Black/White wasn’t thought to be part of the Black Friday drop, we might even be blessed with four Yeezys in one month. Crazy stuff.

The tweet has also been reported as gospel by reputable sources of sneaker news, but until we get the official word from the Three Stripes nothing is certain.


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