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New Staple X PUMA Pigeon Collection

UPDATE: The 'Pigeon' PUMAs came to Sneaker Freaker HQ to roost and we couldn't resist taking some flicks! Check out the full pack and let us know in the comments if you managed to cop.

UPDATE: Official images and release info for the Staple x PUMA Pigeon collection have landed. The collection will have four models which, though all touched by Staple's infamous colourway, have been revealed to be inspired by different regions. The Blaze Of Glory is inspired by the pigeon wonderland that is New York City, the 'Star White' Suede by the Americas, the 'Frost Grey' for Europe and the Middle East and the 'Pure Black' for Asia.

The entire collection will be available from Staple's Reed Space store in New York's Lower East Side from September 13, while PUMA stores globally will be stocking select colourways as per region on September 17.

With the Manila launch of Jeff Stapleslatest ‘Pigeon’ creation still fresh in our minds, the don has doubled down and applied his avian aesthetic to a PUMA Suede and Blaze of Glory.

These pics from early bird Instagrammer gc911 show the Blaze of Glory dressed in the instantly recognisable white/grey/red make-up, and the Suede in a two-tone of black and red.

Without the official nod from PUMA or Staples it’s possible that these could still be in the sample stage, but even if they are we can expect some pretty good things to come. Stay tuned and we'll let you know more info as it arises.

– Originally published on August 29, 2016.

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