ARTICLE BY Boon Mark Souphanh
Yeezy Scuba Shoe Leak 2 In Hand
Yeezy Scuba Shoe Leak 1 On Foot

New Pics of the Yeezy Scuba Surface

Looks like it’s official… the infamous Yeezy Scuba shoe looks like its hitting retail shelves (at some point). While the release details are yet to be revealed, we have managed to get a sneak peek at a sample of the divisive street sock.

Snapped by for Highsnobiety, the pics show off the Scuba’s minimal make-up. You can expect a wetsuit-like material, uber-thin sole, and exposed stitching, with a slim high-cut construction.

Has Kanye gone mad? It is genius? We’ll have to wait and see whether the sneakersphere take the dive.

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