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New Nike Air Wildwood Samples For 2014

For all our older heads reading, let this imagery sink in for a minute - today is a good day. For our younger readers, time for a history lesson. Bred from a ideal of training apparel and footwear able to withstand any type of tricky-terrain or weathered environment, in 1988, Nike ACG – All Conditions Gear – was born. It wasn't until 1989, and the introduction of the Air Wildwood that the category really found its footing and a loyally devoted fan base the world over for its concise design, construction and fresh colour schemes. Over the course of its life, there have been a gang of quality hybrid releases of the Wildwood, but we are pumped to see the original silhouette back. Slated for a possible September release, we will have to wait until we land a pair on deck to get the full 411 on them, but stay tuned, if an OG Nike ACG resurgence is on the cards, expect to hear about it here. #fingerscrossed.
Images via Crooked Tongues.

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