Bape Bape Sta Wonder Woman Front Angle
Bape Bape Sta Wonder Woman Lateral
Bape Bape Sta Navy Pink Front Angle
Bape Bape Sta Navy Pink Lateral
Bape Bape Sta Jamaica Front Angle
,Bape Bape Sta Jamaica Lateral

New BAPE STAs Pay Homage to Early BAPE Colourways
Release: 3 August 2019

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Navy/Pink

A Bathing Ape In Lukewarm Water may no longer be officially associated with Nigo, but the Japanese label’s current custodians reference some recognisable 2000s colourways on this new set of BAPE STAs.

Enthusiasts for BAPE’s irreverent designs and patent leather–laden sneakers may notice the BAPE STA silhouette has altered somewhat in recent seasons, as the original rendition was very similar to a classic 80s sneaker – all part of that tongue-in-cheek irreverence.

For those playing at home, above are the 'Wonder Woman', ‘Navy/Pink’, and ‘Jamaica' colourways in this next drop, albeit with white midsoles this time around.

This trio is available from BAPE come August 3.

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