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New Balance Reveal 574 'Legacy of Grey' Collection

No other brand has done so much with such a simple colour palette as ,New Balance. The prototypical grey sneaker evolved from the brand’s dedication to high performance products that don't bend to the fickle flow of fashion. Now, some of their timeless tonal treatments have been applied to the popular 574 as they gear up to celebrate their first annual Grey Day.

The 574 is New Balance’s bestselling model of all time, which is a remarkable achievement considering the popularity of some of the brand’s other styles. In the new ‘Legacy of Grey’ pack, the design pays tribute to the subtle colour by dressing in some of the past few decades' best variations.

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First up, there’s dark slate suede known as ‘Original Grey’ and reminiscent of the OG 990. For those who prefer something a little smoother, the ‘1300JP’ colourway utilises a greenish grey nubuck. And for something even subtler, the ‘Classic Grey’ version is sure to hit the spot.

The New Balance 574 ‘Legacy of Grey’ collection will be available on Grey Day, March 15, from select New Balance retailers and online.

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