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New Balance Md1500 Sand Natural Thumb
New Balance Md1500 Sand Natural 1

New Balance Md1500 (Sand/Natural)

GIMME SOME MORE! (Insert 1000 fire emojis here) New Balance, New Balance, New Balance, where on earth do you keep pulling this freshness from? Hit this link and check out the last four editions of the re-engineered 1500 silhouette. All four are packing the heat, so much so it almost feels like 2007 all over again, you know, that period where spots like Provider, Solebox, Crooked Tongues, Colette were all creating face-melting 1500s!! Those were the years. Do yourself a favour, either break the bank on some of the above burners – if you can track them down (evil laugh) – or the more stress free option would be to hit up Hype DC and lace into a pair of these. Either way you're going home with new shoes and that's a good time in any sneakerhead's books.

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