New Balance 992 Supima M992AA
New Balance 992 Supima M992AA
New Balance 992 Supima M992AA
New Balance 992 Supima M992AA

This New Balance 992 Features Luxurious Supima Cotton
Release: 19 November 2021

Style Code: M992AA

Colourway: Supima

Despite first releasing back in 2006, the New Balance 992 is proving that it’s still fresh today, thanks to some stylish material updates. Considering the fact that the 992 was formerly a flagship runner, and now occupies the highest tier of NB’s lifestyle offering, it comes as no surprise that a luxurious textile like Supima cotton finds itself on the model.

Supima is revered within the rag trade for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a less common variety of cotton, comprising less than one per cent of the world’s entire cotton crops. This is because Supima is only grown in America, which means supply is controlled to ensure quality. But most importantly, it's valued for its soft drape, better durability and colourfastness – a result of the extra-long fibres within the cotton.

So, such a fancy fabric is right at home on the 992, which already is prized for its superior construction and materials, namely its pigskin suede. And because Supima is American, the use of it here helps the model maintain its Made In USA status. On the colourway front, the featured material is rendered in classic NB grey, while the supple suede is dipped in a sweet purple haze.

The Supima-infused 992 will be releasing at New Balance on November 19.

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