New Balance 992 M992BC
New Balance 992 M992BC
New Balance 992 M992BC
New Balance 992 M992BC

Take a Tropical Walk in the New Balance 992
Release: 19 November 2021

Style Code: M992BC

Colourway: Grey/Silver


New Balance are certainly proving their 15-year-old 992 still has plenty of legs left by applying some left-field colourways that wouldn’t have dared grace the former flagship runner back in 2006. Perhaps there is a bit of an identity crisis represented in this edition, as it reprises its typical grey uppers, but meets an unorthodox, brightly coloured gradient midsole – at least for NB anyway.

A little colour won’t hurt the NB 992 though. If anything, it’ll help highlight elements that often go below the radar because of its understated appearance in grey or navy colours. The quality of the pigskin suede, mesh and reflective uppers constructed in the US have been espoused in length across the sneakersphere, but its evangelism is well warranted. Given most enlightened sneakerheads will be already familiar with this component, NB instead opt to shine the spotlight on an arguably lesser appreciated section: the midsole. Usually rendered in two-tone grey and white to show the dual density foams at work, this colourway sees a tropical red-orange-yellow fade from toe to heel. Additional accents with purple heel clips and teal outsoles complete the summery vibes.

This new 992 is available now directly from New Balance.

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