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New Balance 740 Carolina 2
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New Balance 740 (Carolina)

If you need this New Balance 740 colourway explained then they might not be the shoe for you. This James Worthy roll out is a nod to time the man spent playing for the University of North Carolina, where he donned the number 52 on a white and blue UNC singlet. Earlier this year, Worthy said in an interview with Complex that when he was the #1 draft he chose New Balance because they made him feel special; "New Balance was all about family and that's what I felt right away. I just didn't want to be a number. I wanted to be a part of something special, and they did special things." Thirty years on they're making Worthy feel special by letting him rep his own number.

You can grab these nostalgia-embroidered 740's regardless of your 80's ball knowledge at store's like ,Oneness now.

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