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New Balance 575 (Legacy Pack)

Nb575 Hype Dc Og Pack Bump 3Nb575 Hype Dc Og Pack Bump 3
Nb575 Hype Dc Og Pack Bump 2
Nb575 Hype Dc Og Pack Bump 1
Nb576 Legacy Pack 3
Nb576 Legacy Pack 2
Nb576 Legacy Pack 1

UPDATE: Good word just arrived from the release bird that these purdy 575s just made their way Down Under and have landed on the shelves of Hype DC. We know our fam loves a good NB, so if you're planning on coppin', make sure you get in-store or hit them up online ASAP!

It's not all too often that we see a pop up on the radars, but this duo has come as a welcome surprise today, reminding us why we get a little randy everytime they do appear. Dubbed the 'Legacy Pack', this pair of  'Made in England' 575s utilise two classic codes from brother runner the , re-purposed for fall 2015. If these flicks are anything to go by, the Flimby factories have not missed a beat on the construction, as they  combine conventional mesh, suede inserts and segments of leather across the whole release. Already doing the rounds throughout Europe at spots like END, Hanon and 24Kilates; if you're not close to any of those stores or don't even reside inside the EU, no stress, we've got our ears to the ground for a global release. Safe fam!

- Originally published on October 6, 2015.

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