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Nb 574 Essential Black Gum Bump Thumb
Nb 574 Essential Black Gum Bump 2
Nb 574 Essential Black Gum Bump 1
Nb 574 Essebntial Gums Thumb1
Nb 574 Essebntial Gums Thumb
Nb 574 Essebntial Gums 4
,Nb 574 Essebntial Gums 3
Nb 574 Essebntial Gums 2
Nb 574 Essebntial Gums 1

New Balance 574 (Essential Gums)

UPDATE: These should be a staple piece to every NB heads collection. The black leather has just turned up at Feature LV, pay them a visit and give these a scope.

The 574 is more or less the most essential model in the fleet and New Balance never falls short of reminding us why. The word essential gets thrown around a lot in fashion, but what does it truly entail? For us, it shouldn’t mean much more than a basic, solid looking sneaker in a colour that can be applied in all situations, be that in a workplace, at university, a night on the town or anything in between – we think you know where we are going with this! Both pairs are available right now and as a bonus, feature gum soles – everybody wins. Track them down at Titolo now.

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