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New Balance 520 Women's New Colourways

New Balance 520 Womens 8New Balance 520 Womens 8
New Balance 520 Womens 9
New Balance 520 Womens 7
New Balance 520 Womens 6
New Balance 520 Womens 5
New Balance 520 Womens 4
New Balance 520 Womens 3
New Balance 520 Womens 2
New Balance 520 Womens 1
Nb 520 Womens18
Nb 520 Womens17
Nb 520 Womens16
Nb 520 Womens15
Nb 520 Womens14
Nb 520 Womens13
Nb 520 Womens12
Nb 520 Womens11
Nb 520 Womens10
Nb 520 Womens9
Nb 520 Womens8
Nb 520 Womens7
Nb 520 Womens6
Nb 520 Womens5
Nb 520 Womens4
Nb 520 Womens3
Nb 520 Womens2
Nb 520 Womens

UPDATE: The latest New Balance 520 women's colourways have landed in the world's finest footwear retailers, so let's zoom in for one more look. Each of the four fresh make-ups is available now, but don't sleep on it – shoes as nice as these never stick around for too long.

have taken all the effort out of choosing your next daily go-to shoe with their collection. The pack contains four fine colour options, each wrapped in suede and nylon with white EVA midsoles and leather detailing. Between the red, blue, black and beige, they’ve covered all bases, and with such a classic silhouette, this drop has wide-reaching appeal. As with all things NB, the 520 is a super comfortable sneaker to kick about in, while the sturdy construction ensures it'll stick around through thick and thin. The only problem now is... which colourway?

The women’s New Balance 520 colourways will be available in July at select stockists, as well as through the NB web store.

– Originally published July 1, 2017

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