New Balance 2002R Truffle M200RCD
New Balance 2002R Truffle M200RCD

Get a Snout into the ‘Truffle’ New Balance 2002R
Release: 30 August 2022

Style Code: M2002RCD

Colourway: Truffle

As the New Balance 2002R continues its seemingly unyielding run of strong colourways, the model moves into opulent territory with this latest ‘Truffle’ take. It’s fertile ground for the revived silhouette that has touched multiple cornerstones of modern sneaker culture, so a mature maroon colourway on premium materials is an appropriate direction.

Ain’t nobody running in the 2002R these days, so there’s plenty of reason to use materials and colours more suited for casual use. New Balance’s interpretation of ‘Truffle’ is a little more vibrant than the coveted near-black fungal clumps, which results in a much more interesting colour. If anything, it’s closer to red wine – coincidentally a perfect pairing for the expensive foodstuff. Luxury is certainly the aim of the game here, as the suede panels are always a little fluffier on 2002Rs (the mesh looks pretty nice to touch, too). And, as many fans of the model can attest, its velvety microfibre lining offers tactile pleasure unmatched by other shoes. The dark chocolate brown accents and creamy midsole treatment provide a smooth finish to an undoubtedly tasty pair of kicks.

Hungry for the ‘Truffle’ 2002R? They’re available now from Asphaltgold, who shot the crispy pics above.

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