New Balance 2002R Mule M2002RMA
New Balance 2002R Mule M2002RMA
New Balance 2002R Mule M2002RMA
New Balance 2002R Mule M2002RMA

New Balance Convert the 2002R Into Mule Mode,
Release: 6 July 2022

Style Code: M2002RMA

Colourway: Grey

The New Balance 2002R is the latest sneaker to join the mulement as boutique retailers prepare for its imminent arrival. One of 2020-21’s most prominent footwear trends is proving its staying power as the heelless design has now gone beyond casual shoes and lounged its way onto ex-performance runners. Coming soon is one of the first official releases of the modified 2002R mule in none other than the iconic NB grey.

Where this model is short on heel counters finds plenty of comfort tech. The 2002R’s N-ERGY midsoles are after all made for munching miles – though that distance will likely be covered at a much slower pace in these shoes. Similarly, the lack of rear retention necessitates some extra plush padding in the upper to better cradle the foot, which is also adds a big bump in softness. And, given that these shoes aren’t designed for high speeds, there’s no need for laces; instead, a suede instep with two mesh slits creates a sleek, slip-on fit. In fact, with some big pant hems draping over these mules, they look just like their full-heeled, laced-up counterparts.

Raffles are open now for the New Balance 2002R mule in grey via Above The Clouds, which will be drawn on July 6.

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