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New Balance 1500 Retro (2016 Nbo)

This release is going to be a big deal for those in the know. Word of this retro first broke early in the year from K’LEKT who heard mutterings from an industry insider. New Balance eventually came good on the rumour with the release of the ‘BWR’ 1500, and both saw a limited release via an Australian retailer. The NBO then skulked back into scarcity, but now we’re being blessed with a wider release.

While New Balance aren’t the first brand that comes to mind when we think of the word retro, they’re certainly doing it right. Many reissues are maligned for deviations from the OG, but reportedly NB’s Flimby factory used the very same last that they used for the the 2004 release. As a result the integrity of the shape remains intact, and the only major difference you’ll find between these and their predecessors is a decade of wear.

The New Balance 1500 retro NBO is available now from Solekitchen.

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