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Net These Monarchs Before They Sell Out

Nike Air Monarch 4Nike Air Monarch 4
Nike Air Monarch 6
Nike Air Monarch 5
Nike Air Monarch 3
Nike Air Monarch 2
Nike Air Monarch 1

Whip out the plastic and fire up the bots: the Air Monarch is available on NDC. The early-2000s cross-trainer was way ahead of today’s chunky trainer trends. The Gucci, and offerings of 2017 have all tried (and failed) to master the Monarch aesthetic, and it's little wonder. Jason Mayden's design shares more than its name with the Monarch butterfly, coming in array of colours and drawing awe with its understated majesty.

None were surprised when it was named Nike’s highest selling model of 2013, and we’re sure many are clamouring to join the action this year, too. Realising that the sneaker is in such high demand, Nike’s US stores benevolently lowered the price. Head over to the Monarch’s page now and net yourself a pair, or regret it when the next drop sees you camping for days on end.

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