Nba Commemorative Sneaker
Nba Commemorative Sneaker 1

Nba 68th Anniversary Commemorative Shoe

While colabs are all the rage, the NBA is big enough to go it alone. The word is America's boss company of B-Ball is releasing a commemorative sneaker to celebrate its 68th anniversary, which falls this Friday, June 6. Info is scant on the red, white and blue ball shoe with star-spangling and NBA logo tongue tagging, but tweeters in the know are claiming 1,946 pairs (because the league started in 1946) will be released on Friday. Where, no one knows, but the box looks to be worth the moolah alone – it gives you even more reason to put these pieces of national pride on your shelf and not ball in them, if the fact that no brand has owned up to making the shoe isn't enough. Stay tuned for more info.

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