Size Puma Inhale Header
Size Puma Inhale Medusa Angled
Size Puma Inhale Medusa Formstripe Detail
Size Puma Inhale Medusa Rear Angle
,Size Puma Inhale Medusa Outsole
Size Puma Inhale Medusa Insole
Size Puma Inhale Kraken On Foot Wide
Size Puma Inhale Kraken Sitting
Size Puma Inhale Kraken Angled

Mythical Beasts Inspired Upcoming size? Exclusive PUMA Inhale
Release: 14 September 2019

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Kraken

Known for their exclusive colourways and releases, UK retailer size? continue their privileged product access with two editions of the recently-reissued PUMA Inhale. Drawing from Greek mythology, two beasts in the form of the ‘Medusa’ and the ‘Kraken’.

Medusa was a serpentine-haired woman who turned anything in her gaze to stone. This has been translated onto the Inhale with green mesh uppers, accented by pink snakeskin Formstripe detailing and black patent.

The Kraken is basically a giant octopus. size? interpret this in sneaker form via a deep purple execution with splashes of red on the Formstripes and shiny silver bumpers.

Both monstrous creations tie the theme with graphic laden insoles that also bear the co-branding of size? and PUMA.

Releasing on the size? webstore and physical locations on September 14.

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