New Balance BB550 Red
New Balance BB550 Navy
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New Balance BB550 Red,
New Balance BB550 Navy
New Balance BB550 Green

More New Balance BB550 Colourways are Here!
Release: 23 April 2021

The New Balance BB550 continues its steady return following an archival unearthing by way of the sustained popularity of the Aime Leon Dore collaborations. Inline colourways of the BB550 have been just as successful as the colabs, and these three new GR editions should see the same level of demand as preceding releases. This now ticks the colourways in the market into the double digits.

Where previous colourways and collaborations have been predominately white or black with an accent colour, this new trio introduces a fair bit more brightness. And the palettes chosen certainly have a bit of a varsity team vibe going on: green/yellow, navy/yellow, and red/blue can be easily paired to a number of sporting codes around most of the world. The material mix also goes down a more adventurous route compared to the previous drops, which opted for period-correct combinations of leather and rubber. Here, some perforated sections are introduced along the midfoot mudguard, making for an interesting textural difference. Set against smooth leather, there is a third textile added to the mix via nylon N logos and ankle collars.

These latest New Balance BB550 colourways are out now from New Balance Japan, but expect them to be available globally in coming weeks.

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