Yeezy Rat Runner 500 4
Yeezy Rat Runner 500 4
Yeezy Rat Runner 500 4

More Images Surface of Yeezy 'Rat Runner' 500

'Real friends, it's not many of us', Kanye told us back on The Life of Pablo. Fortunately, Kanye's found a tight-knit Klique he can rely on, and they're helping him out with promoting his latest Yeezy on social.

Kim Kardashian-West took an amble in the new sneaks earlier in the week, and just posted a snap of that nocturnal excursion on her IG, captioned 'Yeezy Mud Rats 500's'.

Around the same time that Kim uploaded her pic, Kanye's close friend Tremaine Emory also took to Instagram to showcase the Yeezy Runner 500 in a colourway he's calling 'desert rat.'

Emory provided us with a look at the shoe on Snapchat, too. It seems like a safe bet to dub these 'Rat Runner 500s' for now: the rodent references are rife in both Kim and Tremaine's posts.

From these early images, it seems like Kanye's not ditching the controversial chunky 'dad shoe' aesthetic he adopted in the Wave Runner 700. However, the latest Yeezy has a thinner and more pared-down lace system than the 700, with only three eyelets visible in Tremaine's images.

The Three Stripes' logo is printed on the toe box and there's a wavy, bubbly textured sole that makes the model look a bit like a basketball performance shoe (perhaps we'll see Swaggy P rock these on-court this season?). The images suggest the 500 will be constructed from a mix of mesh, suede and leather.

It looks like Kanye's taking a leaf out of Kris Jenner's playbook with this coordinated social media preview: expect to see paparazzi shots of Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall et. al. in the next few weeks. Of course, adidas haven't yet confirmed this release, but we'll keep you updated as more news on the Rat Runner 500 comes in.

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